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Roofing problems affect more than just your roof. If you're not careful, roof damage can spread to your interior. To save yourself from facing costly repairs down the line, reach out to ETX Roofing and Construction. We offer comprehensive roof repair services in the Emory & Mineola, TX & surrounding areas. You can count on our skilled roofers to handle your repairs with precision and care.

Call 903-969-0503 today to learn more about our roof repair services. We work with all insurance carriers, and we can even help you file your claim.

Why choose ETX Roofing and Construction for roof maintenance?

Why choose ETX Roofing and Construction for roof maintenance?

ETX Roofing and Construction can keep your roof in good condition with our thorough roof maintenance work. Clients in Emory & Mineola, TX & surrounding areastrust us for maintenance work because we:

  • Respond quickly to your concerns
  • Tailor our services to suit your needs
  • Repair damage right away
  • Clean up after ourselves once we're done

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Not sure if you need repairs? Schedule a free roof inspection to find out. Don't forget to ask an experienced roofing specialist about our affordable rates and seven-year warranty.